Dr. Richard Naeye (1929-2013) was the founding chairman of the Department of Pathology at Penn State University’s medical school in Hershey, Pa. Besides his devotion to his family, medicine, and Quakerism, he was an avid amateur photographer. He was particularly keen on flowers and landscapes. Hundreds of Dick’s framed photos still adorn the halls of the Med Center, all of which he donated for free. As an honor to his memory, his son Robert has scanned and edited some of his favorite images from Dick’s tens of thousands of slides. Robert’s friend Patti Kurtz created the initial design for this website. Enjoy Dick Naeye’s photography and feel free to download photos and use them for any purpose. If you have any questions or comments, contact Robert at [email protected].


Visit Robert’s photography website at bobnaeye.zenfolio.com


Richard Naeye's Photography - Monuments, National Parks, Nature, People